As a Firm, Sync has a great deal of respect for the environment and wildlife, and draws useful lessons from the environmental harmony together with attributes of selected animals perceived to truly demonstrate the SYNC character.


As lions, the firm mimics the predatory character of the king of the wild, by playing the “Big Game” and competing at the highest levels with the best of capabilities and professional networks. Team spirit is drawn from the collaborative effort of a pride to capture the strongest of preys; the huge African Cape buffalos and elephants. Striving to exhibit leadership by envisioning the big picture, continuously realigning skills mix and team composition to remain resolute.


As eagles, Sync is guided by its long-term aspiration, stretching our vision into the horizon, yet remaining focused on what is done best whilst gaiting into the future. The brand maintains its determination to soar above competition through the continual search for in-depth understanding and innovative solutions as well as knowledge on the underlying fundamentals which shift the landscape. Sync is in a constant pursuit, to redefine the competitive space to its advantage.


As tigers, the firm seeks to carve and protect its niche in the dynamic and very competitive industry operated in, symbolic, with the fierce territorial and defensive attributes of a Bengal tiger. The solitary tiger is fearless and hunts alone because of its strength, and Sync mimics this, by presenting the best of team members, based on core competence. In the delivery of each solution. Yet unlike the walk-alone tiger, Sync offers a gridlock, a cavalry force, to support each assigned team member, throughout the journey.


As cheetahs, seeking to deliver responses and solutions to our clients in an environment where speed and agility are critical success factors is key. Appreciating the prolific high-speed chase of cheetahs is realised as inspiring to exude high adrenaline in meeting the requirements of each assignment undertaken. Unlike Cheetahs, however, Sync does not dissipate all of its energies through short bursts. The Sync team has the stamina, resilience and the tenacity to sustain high adrenalin over the long haul with total commitment, no matter how long it takes. This being one of the attributes which sets Sync apart.

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