Social Development

Our development-oriented services generally involves working with Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, Development Partners, local and international NGOs, Community Based Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, etc to deliver livelihood and rights-related interventions to the poor and vulnerable. These cover a broad area including strategy development, proposal development, programme development and implementation, vulnerability and poverty studies, impact assessment, beneficiary assessment, gender analysis, baseline studies, programme and project evaluation (Mid-term and end of term) and development of M&E Framework.

Our approach to the delivery of social development services reflects a range of cross-cutting themes such as poverty, vulnerability, gender, sustainable livelihoods, etc. In addition to these broad cross-cutting themes, we are interested in the impact of intervention programmes on the environment with the view to providing solutions that ensure the delivery of efficient and effective programmes that are environmentally sustainable.

In our approach, we use a broad range of Participatory Learning & Action (PLA) tools including focus group discussions, individual interviews, community fora, ground truthing, score cards, case studies, personal stories, stakeholder consultation interviews, workshops, etc.
Our strategy for human resource deployment on each assignment seeks to blend and optimise local experience and international expertise (where necessary) to respond to dynamic perspectives that best serve the overall objectives of each Client.

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