Who we are

Sync Consult is a differentiated niche consulting Firm that operates from Accra, the capital city of Ghana, from where we reach out to the rest of the world. Our whole existence and mindset is to be unique and different from all others. Our differentiation comes from a strong combination of three things:

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a "cutting-edge professional services brand operating across borders"

Core Values

Knowledge – We are qualified and have the credentials and in-depth knowledge of the service we deliver. We focus of what we know because that is what we can do best.

Experience– Not only do we know what we deliver. We have the experience from several years of taking the dip to understand exactly what it means to be the clients’ position. This has also thought us severally what does not work. We therefore do not “experiment” with clients. Because of our focus, we see ourselves as bringing the best in what we do.

Commitment – Our aspiration is to stay the course with each client until success is attained. This has been one of our cardinal principles which we continue to deepen. Whilst our peers murmur why?, our response has always been why not?

The “professional” component of our essence allows us to combine knowledge, experience and commitment in a way that cannot be matched by our peers. This translates into what we call the “Sync Experiential”.

Our Essence

Our continued existence and essence is to “Serve our generation by being the source of transformational success for businesses and enterprises”.

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